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UnrulyUS/ Vallerxs
Jun 11, 2019
In Sheriff Application
1. What is your discord name and #? ex. AWildCookie#6969: UnrulyUS#8109 2. How old are you?: 12 3. How long have you been roleplaying on BCDOJRP for? : 1-2 years now. 4. What makes you stand out from the other applicants? I think I should be accepted over other applicants because I feel I have what it takes. It’s important to have people that can cope with the pressure as well as learn and teach as best they can. It’s also all about engaging activities with the community. Whether this be by events or helping out with sits. I have the knowledge and integrity to help out where possible or impossible. I am active, fun, friendly, fair, but most important, serious whenever I need to. If people break the rules, they need to know and understand what they did wrong to provide the best gaming experience. Teaching these people what they did wrong will prevent them from doing the same thing again. I want to help out and make sure people are sticking to the rules. I’ve been dealing with a lot of people with questions whenever I look back at my former Roleplay experiences. I coped with a lot if situations which I could all withstand and solve properly. 5. Why do you want to join The Sheriffs Department?: I would like the opportunity to be apart of the Sheriff's Team because I love the community and the server. I've always wanted to do my part to help better the community and I'm always looking for more opportunities be presented on how I can help PoliceRP and make the server better. Being apart of the Sheriff's team I feel will allow me to help make the BCDOJRP experience more realistic and a lot more fun for not just the community but for new players joining in. I want to see BCDOJRP grow to the point where we have to get 128 player slots and I believe that I can help with the SAHP team come up with some really great events that will make the SAHP Team more known throughout the community and then eventually more and more people will hear about these great events and how fun our server is and the server will start getting full and then eventually we'll have to upgrade to 128 player slots. This is a great way to get our server more known and this is why I want to be apart of the event team. To make PoliceRP more fun for players, get the name out there and have more and more players coming in. So to sum it all up, I wanna make the BCDOJRP environment fun for our players and help the server grow. For these reason, I believe I would make a great Event Team member and this is why I want to join. Thank you for considering me to be apart of the Sheriff's team. 6. Do you have any other past experience as a LEO? Yes, I was Apart of a Community for 3 years then I retired because I felt like it was time for me to go. I was a Undersheriff then I retired and I was Undersheriff for 2 years. 7. What would you do if you had to work with a difficult supervisor or boss?: I would talk to their Superior about their action and get it on video and show it to their superior, if their superior say they will talk to him but the next day the difficult supervisor fired me for no reason then I will tell their superior about their action. 8. While in a 10-80, vehicle pursuit, you see your co-worker crash into a pole, your however close to catching a wanted criminal for murder, what do you do? (45 words) : I would tell someone to take my primary while I go check on my co-worker and if he is having trouble communicating I would call for EMS straight away, I would never leave my co-worker behind. 9. You pull over someone who is being difficult and seems very angry, this individual has gun strapped to his hip, upon running his plate you notice he has a felony. How do you handle this situation? (45 words) : Once, I run his plate and I now know that he has a felony and he seemed to be moving around in his vehicle, I would call in 1 unit for a code 5, once the unit gets there then I would step out with a gun pointed and the other would be non-lethal, I would then say turn off the engine and through the keys out the car and step out. If he doesn't comply then takes off, I would call in for more units and call out the 10-80 and let secondary take locations. 10. In the Sheriff Department we expect you to be mature and professional when on-duty or when you are representing us. Can you give us an example of a time you were able to stay cool under pressure in a stressful situation?: Someone said I was fail roleplaying and I said what did I do wrong they said something I didn't do, so I was like you know what ok, I did do it leave me alone. 11. Do u know if you ask about your application it will be DENIED: Yes

UnrulyUS/ Vallerxs

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