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Server and Discord Rules

The following rules are accepted by the player on the server

General Rules

0. Use common sense. 

1. Do not flame/disrespect other players (includes OOC blackmail/bribery) 

2. Do not abuse any exploits/glitches/hacking (Report them to a moderator) 

3. Do not randomly kill a player (RDM) 

3A. If you are killed in crossfire, this is not considered RDM 

3B. If you kill more than 1 person in crossfire it is considered RDM. 

4. Do not spam anything. 

5. Racism/Homophobia/Sexism is not permitted. 

6. Do not randomly attack or interfere with a player. 

7. Do not abuse your powers. 

8. Do not use excessive Caps in OOC 

9. Playing music is permitted unless asked to stop. 

10. Do not link or provide NSFW, malware, or any illicit material 

11. You are not permitted to randomly set anything on fire. 

12. False 911 calls on other people are not permitted, unless for a legitimate RP reason 

12A. You may call 911 on an un-owned building to distract the LEOs. 

13. Attempting to crash the server will result in a permanent ban. 

14. If a player enters your property and refuses to leave, you must call 911. 

15. You cannot 'Steal' a police radio and idle in RTO listening to RTO. 

16. You are not permitted to use the three main character 'Default' Peds out of spawn. 


Metagaming Rules 2-1. Do not metagame (Using information outside of in-character roleplay) 

2-2. BCDOJRP Official TeamSpeak is considered IC 

2-2A. No other 3rd party communication system or server is considered in-character (Skype, Steam chat, etc.) 

2-3. IDs/Names when they appear are considered OOC.

 2-4. Do not speak of IC manners in OOC or vice-versa. 

2-5. You may identify someone via their clothes/skin they’re using. 

New Life Rule 3-1. No knowledge from your previous life may be used or discussed

 3-2. Do not return to the spot of your death or affect roleplay around the region of your death for 150 seconds / 2.5 minutes 

3-3. NLR is applied for any death 

3-4. When changing your job from LEO to non-LEO and vice versa NLR applies. 


Misc. Rules

4-1. Be appropriate on Adverts 

4-2. Zero tolerance for threats against BCDOJRP and the community.

 4-3. Do not impersonate any Moderator or BCDOJRP administration. 

4-4. Using glitches to avoid Taser/shotgun effects is abuse.

 4-5. Have an appropriate Name (No Symbols/Profanities) 

4-6. You cannot RP as a Serial Killer or Hitman (Hitman RP is GoldVIP+)

 4-7. Do not suicide to avoid arrest when cuffed 

4-8. After a ‘Priority’ a minimum of 5mins must be waited before the next one can occur.

 4-9. No nudity 

4-10. Do not shoot at EMS/Fire Fighters 4-11. Terrorism is permitted for Admin+

 4-12. High Command (01-05) Cannot Double Clan - Be HC on another server.

 4-12(A). Staff cannot double clan. 

4-12(B). Authorised servers are allowed. (e.g, DOJ)

 4-13. Military is not permitted

 4-14. Animal is permitted from permission from a Sr. Admin+ 

4-15. No coloured names (Unless donator) 4-15(A) Only staff may use red in their name. 


Vehicle Rules
5-1. No armoured Cars 

5-2. No bullet proof tires

 5-3. Do not steal personal/donator Cars 

5-4. Drunk Driving permitted for CC+ 

5-5. No running in Exotic Cars. 

5-6. You may shoot at ‘Air One’ for a legitimate RP purpose.

 5-7. You are not permitted to use any Law Enforcement vehicle for retired police car RP. You must instead use the Certified Civilian Ford Crown Victoria. You of course must be Certified to use said vehicle. 


LEO Rules
6-1. All above rules apply

 6-2. COs should be treated as normal officers

 6-3. Do not interfere/break RTO or you will be warned.

 6-4. Must follow Chain of Command

 6-5. Must follow LEO Defacto SOP 

6-6. If you are in a Police department you cannot be a CO (Management are exempt)

 6-7. You must have your callsign present in TeamSpeak RTO (Either #X-##) or (X-##) or the retired alternative 

6-8. Police Departments are Safe Zones (No Priorities shall occur there)

Discord Rules

No Recording or anything that violates the privacy rules. (except for livestreams, but you must set [live] in your name & you have to ask permission to the people in your channel) (Recording is allowed when everyone agrees.) 

Do not randomly mute/disconnect members. This is abuse 

If you have problems, contact staff/make a ticket. 

Disrespecting any member is not permitted. 

No nicknames that can be confused for an actual tag (ex. My name is Notified or Blaine County Police Department) 

All racist, and sexually questionable statements will result in a ban. Unless posted in the appropriate inappropriate channel. 

Attacks against the server with so-called "Flood-tools" are strictly prohibited and will. 

Use names that others will be able to recognize you as from in-game. 

Don't send links to scam websites, porn websites, phishing websites or anything that can harm the user's computer or inappropriate.

  Joining channels that you do not usually associate with for the purpose of trolling is also not permitted. 

 Advertising of any kind os not permitted. 

 Don't tag or DM (staff) members in LOA, you can see that by there nickname! 

If you are in a different Discord server that is advertising and you have a role there you can get banned from BCDOJRP and our assets. 

 All bot commands are to be used in #🤖bot-commands unless directly asked by an Owner to be used in a different channel. 

You can only tag @deleted-role if you have something to deliver to the staff team, with that you can't tag @🚧Staff Team🚧. 

Sharing DM’s or private conversations with owners with out asking is not allowed, especially if it is about confidential information

 High command can only be given to 01 and 02 within Main Discord, 01-05 within LEO Discord. 

 You can not have a ! Or any icon in front of your Callsigns or name 

No spoiling movies or any other type of entertainment if you do so you will be punished at the staff members discretion 

 A user may record in TeamSpeak if they have the Live or recording tag. Also they may record if given permission by staff. Breaking rto to ask for permission or demand who gave permission will result in removal from RTO. 

 Spreading false rumours can be punished by a mute and after multiple offenses a temp ban not to exceed 3 days 

 Do not tag @ everyone within any BCDOJRP Servers. 

 Do not tag any partners or you will be muted.

  Telling people to click buttons that will disconnect them from the game will result in being kicked.  Only post memes and other internet stuff on #memes

Terms of Service
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