Server and Discord Rules

The following rules are accepted by the player on the server

General Rules

• Don't spam in any chat.

• Don't scream in your mic.

• If you have a report on someone, Don't tag staff members nor DM them unless it is a modder. report an player in: #tickets.

• Only speak English.

• No racial or derogatory or homophobic terms.

• Don't ask for roles.

• If you are not active you might lose your role!

• Don't disrespect people out of roleplay.

• Don't mod.

• No sexual rp of any sort.

• No RDM or VDM Use common sense in all times.

• Listen to staff at all times.

• No Voice Changers.

• No Nudity.

• No Cop Baiting.

• Don't pull a weapon out of nowhere.

• You must respect priority timer and AOP at all times.

• You may steal cop cars, only if you have keys stolen from the cop car.

• No impersonation of any kind.

• Having too many guns roleplays is considered Fail Roleplay.

• The only people with color in their names are staff/donators.

• Do not abuse any power.

• When priority cooldown is on or in progress no shots may be fired or no pursuits should be started.

• Whitelisted Civs/Cops can't be inactive for over a week.

• No Armored Cars.

• No shooting at EMS or Fire fighters!

• High command or a person with power can't double clan.

• No inferring with RTO.

• No joking/rp about suicide.(edited)

• Only Whitelisted LEO May use EUP menu and clothing items.

... MORE

Discord Rules

• No Recording or anything that violates the privacy rules. (except for livestreams, but you must set [live] in your name & you have to ask permission to the people in your channel) (Recording is allowed when everyone agrees.)

• No mute abuse.

• Respect the staff and members!

• Do not copy names. For example: Nickname1, Nickname2, etc.

• Do not spam or bother others user with Poke and messages. (Channel hopping is also spam!)

• Annoying Voice convertors are not allowed. If you have to ask, it isn't allowed.

• If you have problems, contact staff.

• No verbal abuse.

• No nicknames that can be confused for an actual tag (ex. My name is Notified or Blaine County Police Department)

• All racist, and sexually questionable statements will result in a ban. Unless posted in the appropriate inappropriate channel.

• Attacks against the server with so-called "Flood-tools" are strictly prohibited and will.

• Use a name that others will be able to recognize you as from in-game.

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Temporary and permanent bans will be issued to players who break rules. The type of ban and ban period will be set according to the rule broken.