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Mihai Milea
May 09, 2019
In Accepted
1. Her Daddy //current Admin abuse 2. Racism 3. i said "selling n-word pass at yellow jack" or something like that as an intel to few friends. 4. No. Because the reason is racism, yet i dint say any racist word or disrespect any race. It is true that the n-word is offensive for some people. But if you go in front of a person and say "n-word" wouldnt be offended as if you say the n-word for real. 5. I do good roleplays. I engage with people, have fun with people, respect the rules, i dont disrespect staff and i even ask questions instead of just try and do something that staff might say its not ok. I dont want it to get touchie or something. But is the best server ive ever been in, works well, is really good rp (almost no servers have pistol animation), people around are funny af, i always have a good time. I think im a good person in the comunity, because i dont cause problems and i report people that (not failrp) but kill others people rp. I wanna get unbanned because i really like this server. Its the best i`ve been in.

Mihai Milea

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