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Will Green
Jun 07, 2019
In FAA Application
What is your discord? Name: Uncle Willy Billy #4473 In-game Name: Will Green What is your Steam Community Page Link? If you use a plane that is NOT assigned, you will get your FAA Certification taken away IMMEDIATELY. Do you understand? * * (yes or no) :Yes, I fully understand. How much experience do you have flying aircraft? (On GTA 5 Online, or being certified on another server. If you were on another server, please list them.) * I have no experience on other servers however I've been obsessed with flying aircraft in GTA from the original release date both experienced on Controller and keyboard. (Time spent flying experience at least a few days within irl time.) What is the need for you to fly? * The reason I would like to fly is so I can create a new immersive RP for myself and others playing along by using planes or helicopters for both/ either Private or commercial airline Role Play for such scenarios as being a private pilot hired for higher members of the government or the wealthy community of the AOP. I would also like to maybe use the aircraft for type scenarios such as a News chopper or a sight seeing/ tourist copter. What do you know about Aviation?, and monitoring aircraft? * I believe 'Aviation' has to do with how to fly and active the plane or learning to do so, Like a flying aviation school. (you have to learn how to land the plane & helicopter) And by monitoring I assume you mean like physical monotorisation such as damage and wing control during flight and on ground or the process where you are required to have a co-pilot to to monitor the plains over-all being. (Not strong on this area but am very more than happy to learn as much as I can about it in the process of becoming FFA.) Do you understand this is STRICTLY to 1-2 aircraft? * * (yes or no) Yes I do. If you spam/abuse/FRP with aircraft, your FAA Perms will be immediately taken away and you will be black-listed from applying again. Do you understand? (This doesn't include them riding in the plane with you.) * * (yes or no) Yes, I understand. You may NOT spawn aircraft for a friend of yours or anyone else. This will get both of you blacklisted from applying. Do you understand this? * * (yes or no) Yes, If someone asks to fly I shall simply guide them to their way on to the FFA forums and wait for their forum to be accepted before I allow them to control my/ A plane. Are You Applying For Commercial, Or Private Pilot License? * (commercial, helicopter, other) I am applying for both commercial and helicopter please, However if I am forced to only choose 1 for whatever reason must be then I'd preferable have access to the helicopters. (Main Answer: Commercial & Helicopter.) Do you understand that if you ask about your FAA application it will be denied * (yes or no) Yes I do. Thank you for your time I hope to hear back from your comments and weather my application has passed or failed very soon. ~Dale / Will

Will Green

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