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May 13, 2019
In Ban Appeal Application
1. What was your steam name at the time of ban? 57x 2. What does the ban message read? Mass VDM 3. What do you think happened to get you banned? I was banned for no reason someone rammed a car into a group of us and i went flying and i died and the person that banned me said he saw my body flying out of the car when the car hit me and my friend Trapes can vouch me that it wasn't me 4. Did you do what this staff member banned you for? No i didn't i was standing in a group of people 5. Why do you deserve to be unbanned? I deserve to be unbanned because it's false i wasn't the one driving the car i wasn't even in the car when the event happened i was sat in a group of people then a car came flying at us and i was the one that got sent flying and he assumed it was me. 6. Do you promise everything on this form is true? Yes i promise that it wasn't me if i had it on record i would show you but i didn't capture it.


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