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[5D-55]S. Bound
Jun 14, 2019
In Staff Applications
Whats your discord name? SoR Bound#6410 How old are you? 14 What timezone are you in? PST What country do you live in? United States Why do you want to be a moderator on BCDOJRP? I would like to become a moderator because i am very active on the servers, and whenever im online there are always people failrping,vdming,rdming, etc and i would like help the server put a stop to this and make it a great server to rp in without Failrpers. Whenever im on theres usually a full lobby and theres either one or more staff members online but either are not onduty or theres just one in the server being overwhelmed. What experience, if any, do you have moderating? Are you currently staff on another server? If you have left a previous staff position on another server, explain why. Have you learned from your mistakes, if you had made any? Well i use to be a staff member in a different server but then that server was very corrupt and other staff members were inactive and everytime i would go into a server it would feel like GTA ONLINE so i said i had enough of this and left the server and staff team. BCDOJRP is a very good rping server just has a few Failrpers and the staff team are very active. What can you contribute to BCDOJRP? Why should we pick you over another applicant? I have been on this server since the very beginning and i never thought of being staff because it use to be a 32 slot server and now its a 64 slot and the staff team members get overwhelmed with reports or failrpers and i would like to assist, ive had some experience as a moderator and im a serious rper. How long have you been roleplaying? This includes games other than FiveM. Why do you like to roleplay? Explain in detail. Ive been rping for 3 years now, i had two years in PoliceRP servers in Gmod and i had one year of rping so far in fivem. I like to roleplay because in the future i would like to become a LEO and i would like to make games feel almost realistic and if im staff i would be making sure there are no failrpers and make it a great RP experience. If someone was exploding cars, what would their punishment be? Explain in detail. Well if they are doing it as a rp i would keep a close eye on him just to make sure he doesnt do anything against server rules, If someone was doing this as a minge and just not rping i would kick him from the server or try to talk to him and if doesnt work i would kick him. If someone was threatening members with a DDOS Attack or other form of "Hacking," what would their punishment be? Explain in detail. I would give them a temporary ban or perma ban depending on how serious the situation is. I would not risk the servers getting DDOSED. If someone was threatening another player, but insisted it was part of a roleplay, what would you do? The victim is insisting they are being harassed.Explain in detail. I would speak with them both and i would say im giving you a verbal warning do not say things that would offend a person and i would ask if they can try to stay away as much as possible because the situation can escalate. What do you do on a daily basis in real life that could cause you to not be on the server at specific times? EX. (School, work, traveling) Either school but im currently on summer break for two months, or if im babysitting which is rare when i do. Do you agree to not talk about your application to staff members OR civilians? * (yes or no) Yes Do you agree not to ask ANYONE to view your application? * (yes or no) Yes Do you agree that any internal conversions between the Staff Team must not leave staff-only voice channels, and is strictly prohibited to be recorded? * (yes or no) Yes Do you acknowledge that changing your discord or forum name during the application process can effect its outcome? (If we can't find you, we cant promote you!) * (yes or no) Yes If you ask about your application it will be denied and you can be banned from the server. Do you understand? * (yes or no) Yes Do you understand that you can be removed from staff at anytime for any reason?* (yes or no) Yes This is meant to inform anyone looking over my Application: I understand that i am not 16 but i am very mature, people think that i am 16 or 17 and i think they meant it as a compliment but i am a very mature person with many responsibilities so i think having many responsibilities has made me a very mature person.

[5D-55]S. Bound

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