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Jun 01, 2019
In Homeland Sec.Application
1.) What is your discord name? Madmanmax#8240 2.) Why do you think your qualified for homeland security? (40 min word count) I pay a lot of attention to the departments, I am hard working, kind, friendly, coachable, if you give me something to do I do it and get it done, I am a leader, and I am vary patient. if anyone needs help or had questions i will answer them to the best of my ability. 3.) What new things can you bring to Homeland Security? (50 min word count) I am hard working, kind, friendly, helpful, great situational awareness. If you need help or need me to do anything I will do my best all the time to get it done the right way. Also, if you give me a job to do I will put my all into it. 4.) What do you do if you don’t like a fellow agent or supervisor you work with? (25 min word count) I would talk to them and see what’s wrong and then I would make adjustment s. If it keeps happening I would talk to staff and see what to do and I would also would stay away from them and not talk to them. 6.) Do you understand to listen to your superiors at ALL times? I fully understand.


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