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May 27, 2019
In Accepted
Whats your discord name? (Includes your discord ID) Lucky#0206 Not Required- To make things easier could you put you steam profile here... How old are you? (Lying about your age will result in a denied application and a temporary ban) * 15 What timezone are you in? * CST/CDT What country do you live in? * The Wonderful but Rigorous United States of America. Why do you want to be a moderator on BCDOJRP? What you have here is a very large community, its like holding a good 4000+ sheep in a small pen, there are bound to be problems. I have my history with Campbell, and Peter, aswell as Wall and Apollo, sadly enough I'm here to not make the mistake Makwert, or Josh did who ever is reading this application may know little of what went on in the past, and the start of this server was bumpy, some could say it could kill you from the inside out just from the amount of stress it gave you because of people that took advantage of you. Joseph, and the previous previous head of FAA, the squeaky kid who complained alot and Campbell gave him server access, I warned Campbell and he insisted he was good. He deleted all our files within a few days of Campbell giving him access. Everyone who applies has a mind like no other, myself included. I feel as if my history with Campbell should be recognized and my expirience with him should be put toward my consideration for this application. I've done quite a bit for Campbell, when I left in January I told everyone i wasn't quiting and id be back, here I am, and I'm here to stay. What experience, if any, do you have moderating? Are you currently staff on another server? If you have left a previous staff position on another server, explain why. Have you learned from your mistakes, if you had made any? This was truly my first back in December when i applied. i stayed for about 2 months until retiring for school, and told people I would return when my term ended. My previous rank was Head Admin, and I earned that rank from sweat and stress day to day, I've dealt with so many mistakes of Campbell its hard to keep up with them, You could say I was the only person who could tell when Campbell made a mistake and thats when my relations with him strengthened. I wont go into detail on all that went on, and if it is needed to know I will say on behalf of Campbell. Ive learned quite a bit from all of this, first off you need to give people the benefit of the doubt when it comes to situations, yes people can abuse you along with telling you lies but from what ive learned is I can easily trace when someone is lying, or is planning to do something bad just from their actions before, and their tone of voice maybe even days before, its just an instinct ive learned from my history on here. What can you contribute to BCDOJRP? Why should we pick you over another applicant? Truly the one thing I could contribute is just someone who wouldnt let you down, in all my days of working beside Campbell I had never let him down, I had never betrayed him when I left to focus on school, but told him days in advance that is was the route I was taking. Like I said I've delt with countless situations of Campbell making mistakes which is truly rare, but in my eyes is common because i'm usually the only one who can see it. I think you should pick me over any other applicant because I have a history on here, and a good one at that. I helped raise this server up just when it had 100 members. I still remember it hitting 30 continuous members for days on end, it was tough to deal with back then but when you think about it now it was just the beginning. Sure there could be better applications, but a test isnt what brings out a person, nor is an application. The only way you can truly see if a person is qualified, is if you put them on the job. How long have you been roleplaying? This includes games other than FiveM. Why do you like to roleplay? Explain in detail. I've been roleplaying for 2 years, 1 year with Campbell all in all. If someone was exploding cars, what would their punishment be? Explain in detail. Something like this could be appart of a roleplay situation, yes its rare but it happens. I would begin to speak with whitnessess first as they could be involved of Fail RP or could be rping with said person, if its Fail RP I would begin speaking with said suspect and warn him for his wrong doing depending on how serious the matter is, there is a ton of ways this could go, but I couldnt name all in one shot, here is some,A: He could lie to me B: He could attempt to kill me C: he could just run away foolishly or D: he could calmly speak to me. all of these have there own outcomes which is pure common sense as that goes, but ethicly it was just be a warning depending on how destructive it is, the worst that could happen is a kick, or temp ban if its super duper just serious beyond repair. If someone was threatening members with a DDOS Attack or other form of "Hacking," what would their punishment be? Explain in detail. I've actually been through that on this server in the past, none of that is tolerated it is immediately delt with and is not tolerated as a joke, if you threaten or joke about it, it is an immediate ban, for how big this server is none of this would need to happen, and if caused could result in really terrible outcomes, like in late December of 2018 when I was banned in an Attack by a player and so was Josh, we had to wait for hours to even get unbanned, and have the server delt with but the damage was done. If someone was threatening another player, but insisted it was part of a roleplay, what would you do? The victim is insisting they are being harassed.Explain in detail. these days anything can be brought up as harrassment, I could accidently run into someone on the street in game and they could say I was harrassing them, but if there is trult no proof I could only tell the two to stay away from eachother so neither would have any more conflicts. Now if there was proof of true harrassment I would warn the suspect, and if continued would result in a kick, and depending if anything has changed a restraining order if that could ever be used. What do you do on a daily basis in real life that could cause you to not be on the server at specific times? EX. (School, work, traveling) School is currently over, in about a week i will be up in OK for an Aviation Camp for a week and than I'm free until something comes up. Do you agree to not talk about your application to staff members OR civilians? * (yes or no) Yes Do you agree not to ask ANYONE to view your application? * (yes or no) Yes Do you agree that any internal conversions between the Staff Team must not leave staff-only voice channels, and is strictly prohibited to be recorded? * (yes or no) Yes Do you acknowledge that changing your discord or forum name during the application process can effect its outcome? (If we can't find you, we cant promote you!) * (yes or no) Yes If you ask about your application it will be denied and you can be banned from the server. Do you understand? * (yes or no) Do you understand that you can be removed from staff at anytime for any reason?* (yes or no) Yes


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