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Jun 01, 2019
In Accepted
1. What was your steam name at the time of ban? (LivingLikeLarry) 2. What does the ban message read? ( Reason: No Reason Specified ( Nickname: LivingLikeLarry ), Banned by: ~r~ Alex North, Ban Expires: 23/12/2300 18:00:00) 3. What do you think happened to get you banned? (A civilian was hit by an AI car, and i stopped to RP the situation, a Modder killed the whole lobby, and i was banned right after) 4. Did you do what this staff member banned you for? (he had no reason to ban me, i even was talking to him about the game and whatnot earlier in the game before being banned.) 5. Why do you deserve to be unbanned? (unlike 98% of the lobby at the time, i was actually trying to RP, since it was my first time in a RP lobby on FiveM) 6. Do you promise everything on this form is true? (without a doubt)


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