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Is there any program that can run apk files on windows? I have run the apk file to a.apks in the past, but on a different phone. Hopefully there is some software out there that can run a.apk file. So, I figured out that I could dump the apk file into file, and extract it. If I got the apk, I can probably get the sources too. But, I've looked online a lot, and haven't found any software that can run a.apk file. So, my question is, can anyone help me with it? A: You can use AnyApk to unpack a.apk to be decompiled, or use apktool to extract the.jar files. Q: Newbie Question: How to convert a.tpl into.js I'm new to django and using a template, but want to create a template object to put on my.js file. I'm getting a bit mixed up with the documentation and how this works. My main question is how to convert my 'default.tpl' into a.js file. I want to get this to work with multiple CSS classes (and vice versa). Second question would be how to use an onload event. This works fine if I have a standard.tpl file... $(document).ready(function(){ alert("hello"); }); How would I do this with a.tpl file and multiple classes? TIA A: As usual in Django templates, the best approach for this is to create a template tag instead of directly using a jQuery snippet. However, since you mention that you can't use a tag, here's a bare-bones snippet that shows the basics: (in app/templatetags/ from django import template import re from django.template.defaulttags import register @register.filter def js_alert(text, success=True): return 'alert("{0}")'.format(re.sub( r'TRUE', success if success else '

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ini、Adeko 9 Crack,Cactus Forum

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