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Eastern Digger
Jun 01, 2019
In Denied
What's your discord name? Digger#7111 Steam Profile: How old are you? 14 What timezone are you in? Eastern Standard Time What country do you live in? United State Why do you want to be a moderator on BCDOJRP? The reason why I want to apply for a position as a trial moderator is due to the FailRP, VDM, RDM, and other rule breakers on the server, another reason that I want to become a trial moderator is that I am a developer for the server and I know the servers in and outs in ways that most people don't, I also enjoy helping people with their questions answering Et cetera. I have a good amount of experience moderating and it is something I enjoy spending time doing. The server is also gotten big enough where there is not always a moderator to help and I am on for most of the day on the FiveM server or on the Discord server, I can easily spend 8 to 12 hours or more on the server. I don't like it when people ruin other peoples roleplay and it has been a pretty major issue on the server as of late. What experience, if any, do you have moderating? Are you currently staff on another server? If you have left a previous staff position on another server, explain why. Have you learned from your mistakes, if you had made any? I have been moderating for a long time now, I have been moderating for about 5 years. I started moderating on Minecraft back in about 2014, I mainly moderated random Minecraft servers then Discord came out in 2015 and I joined in mid-2016 and I started moderating on discord the reasons varied so much why I left. Corrupt High Command Staff Member, Major Disagreements with High Command Staff Member, Inactive Community, And various other reasons. What can you contribute to BCDOJRP? Why should we pick you over another applicant? I have lots of time to dedicate to the server, I also am also a pretty good writer, and I know how to code. I can spend 8 to 12 hours on the server a day. How long have you been role playing? This includes games other than FiveM. Why do you like to roleplay? I have been roleplaying for about 3 years now, I started out on Xbox, back in February 2016 and in November of 2017 I got Garry's Mod, then in November 2018, I got my new PC which allowed me to play FiveM. if someone was exploding cars, what would their punishment be? Explain in detail. * I would give them 2 verbal warnings and if they didn't stop on the 3rd I'd kick them on the 4th or 5th I'd ban for 3 days after that if the came back and did it again I would do a week then a month and if the came back after that I would permanently ban them. If someone was threatening members with a DDOS Attack or other form of "Hacking," what would their punishment be? Explain in detail. * I would permanently ban them, they can give an appeal a shot if they want. If someone was threatening another player, but insisted it was part of a roleplay, what would you do? The victim is insisting they are being harassed.Explain in detail. * I would tell them to stop and if they didn’t kick them if they came back and continued I would ban them for 3 days, then 30 days then a permanent ban. What do you do on a daily basis in real life that could cause you to not be on the server at specific times? From about 8:30 to 2:45 I would not be on due to school but I don’t really sleep so I’m pretty much on all night Do you agree to not talk about your application to staff members OR civilians? Yes Do you agree not to ask ANYONE to view your application? Yes Do you agree that any internal conversions between the Staff Team must not leave staff-only voice channels, and is strictly prohibited to be recorded? Yes Do you acknowledge that changing your discord or forum name during the application process can affect its outcome? Yes If you ask about your application it will be denied and you can be banned from the server. Do you understand? Yes Do you understand that you can be removed from staff at anytime for any reason?* Yes
Eastern Digger
May 20, 2019
In Queue Application
Discord Name ex. - Digger#7111 How long have you been RPing for and how long have you been RPing in FiveM for? What do you normally do in the server? I am usually a K9 deputy What RPs do you like to do? I prefer doing calm traffic stops, that are non-shootouts or pursuits(that's what they sadly always turn into) or domestic disputes or basically calm stuff where I'm not having to use force. Are you a LEO (police officer) or in any subdivision? I'm in the Blaine County Sheriff's Office, And in K9. If so what rank and do you like your job? Patrol corporal, K9 Captain(01 of K9) Are you a business owner or apart of a business? I am not. As I'm not civ that much. If you were to get Priority what would you provide the server? I'm the 01 of K9 and sometimes I have to get in-game to help my K9 members out. Why should you get Priority? Sometimes if I'm hosting a K9 training it can be hard to get in-game, and if one of my K9 members needs me in the game it can take 30+ minutes to get in and assist them. Be honest do you really need it? Yeah, to be honest it would Are you a streamer? If so link your stream or youtube? DO YOU understand that your priority can be taken away for any reason? Yeah, It's a privilege not a right

Eastern Digger

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