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Дмитрий Михайлов
May 17, 2019
In Denied
[What's your discord name? (Includes your discord ID)] Дмитрий Михайлов#3816 [Not Required- To make things easier could you put your steam profile here] [How old are you? (Lying about your age will result in a denied application and a temporary ban)] 20 [What timezone are you in?] Central Standard Time [What country do you live in?] United States [Why do you want to be a moderator on BCDOJRP?] To moderate the people who blatantly come in to troll, cause problems, or disrupt the RP in any negative ways. [What experience, if any, do you have moderating? Are you currently staff on another server? If you have left a previous staff position on another server, explain why.] I've moderated/ran many different things over the years, including GMod servers, Minecraft Realms and Servers, Discord servers, a COD WAW server, and an Arma 2 server. [Have you learned from your mistakes, if you had made any?] I haven't done anything wrong, to my knowledge. [What can you contribute to BCDOJRP? Why should we pick you over another applicant?] I'm on often and I'm mature. I am a fair and reasonable person when dealing with all kinds of people whether young or old. I'm respectful to my superiors and to others. Plus I have a pretty large amount of experience with managing people and servers. [How long have you been roleplaying? This includes games other than FiveM. Why do you like to roleplay? Explain in detail.] Wow, that's a When I was younger I used to build and RP in Total Miner a lot and just always enjoyed the ability to be and do whatever you want in a virtual world. I then moved onto Minecraft and that was where I started running a creative community world server of over 100 members. After MC came Arma 2 Life servers and GMod, where I also managed and partially ran a DarkRP server and a Life server. Then GTA 5 back on 360, where I modded my console to use a mod menu to be a cop (I always loved being a cop). After all that was Arma 3 Life and now FiveM, with the occasional normal GTA 5 here and there. [If someone was exploding cars, what would their punishment be? Explain in detail.] First would be a verbal warning to that person and explain to them why they can't do that. If they continued, I would tell them once more and assure them they would be kicked from the server if they continue. Then a kick with reason. [If someone was threatening members with a DDOS Attack or other form of "Hacking," what would their punishment be? Explain in detail.] Ban. No room for risking people or the server. [If someone was threatening another player, but insisted it was part of a roleplay, what would you do? The victim is insisting they are being harassed. Explain in detail.] Take them both to the side completely out of character and hear both sides of the story then make the determination based on what I hear. I'd tell the harasser to stop with that kind of "RP" and if he keeps it up, it'll be a kick. It all depends on the situation. [What do you do on a daily basis in real life that could cause you to not be on the server at specific times? EX. (School, work, traveling)] Currently I am not in school or employed (due to unsaid BS) I have some traveling this year but can always give a heads-up to staff beforehand. [Do you agree to not talk about your application to staff members OR civilians?] (yes or no) Yes. [Do you agree not to ask ANYONE to view your application?] (yes or no) Yes. [Do you agree that any internal conversions between the Staff Team must not leave staff-only voice channels, and is strictly prohibited to be recorded?] (yes or no) Yes. [Do you acknowledge that changing your discord or forum name during the application process can effect its outcome? (If we can't find you, we cant promote you!)] (yes or no) Yes. But just incase, my in discord name is GENERAL_WATERS, same as my Steam and in game. It's my default username that's in Russian. [If you ask about your application it will be denied and you can be banned from the server. Do you understand?] (yes or no) Yes.

Дмитрий Михайлов

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