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Ashton Canfield
May 20, 2019
In Denied
ashtoncanfield#4986 17 Central Time United States I was previously a moderator on BCDOJRP I was removed, Im not entirely sure why I was never given a warning or anything but I am extremly dedicated to this server. I really hope I can do a better job than I did before. I also know that I can be a lot more active than before. As I previously stated I was a moderator on BCDOJRP, My callsign was 3M-05. I wasn’t sure what I was removed for but I have changed a lot and learned to mature and I would love another shot to prove myself to this community. I can contribute a lot of people skills. With my computer being fully fixed I can be a lot more active. I’m very active in discord and have a great relationship with almodt everyone in this community. I can also contribute my previous experience as a moderator. In total I would say about 7-8 months. If someone exploded 1 or 2 cars I would tell them to simply knock it off and give them a warning. If it happens again it will result in a kick, and so on and so on. If someone is going around and blowing up a car every 5 seconds it would just be a instant temporary ban. If someone threatened the server it would be a instant Perminate Ban. I would get both sides of their stories. I would ask if anyone saw what happened or had it on recording. If not I would just tell them to go their seperate ways. If I got reports of the harasse harassing other peoole then I would be a Warning/Kick depending on their record. The main reason I would not be on the server is for work. The rest of my time would just be spilt evenly between my girlfriend and the server. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Ashton Canfield

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