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Alex North | KillMast
May 07, 2019
In Accepted
Whats your discord name? (Includes your discord ID) * killmast#1337 Not Required- To make things easier could you put you steam profile here... Link: ID64: 76561198069684507 Hex:11000010685991B How old are you? (Lying about your age will result in a denied application and a temporary ban) * 23 (06/29/1995) What timezone are you in? * USA Pacific What country do you live in? * USA Why do you want to be a moderator on BCDOJRP? * I want to become a moderator because I hate being in the server when it's chaotic and being powerless to do literally anything at all, even though I'm relatively new I can already tell you guys could use help moderating (especially because you have twice the players). What experience, if any, do you have moderating? Are you currently staff on another server? If you have left a previous staff position on another server, explain why. Have you learned from your mistakes, if you had made any? * I have been as high as senior admin on other servers, and am not currently involved in any other server as a staff member. The last time I was staff was on SWRPC, and I left because of the corrupt bureaucratic quasi-dictatorship they had going on there. Other than that I rose through the ranks to a senior admin at CADOJRP, and as one of their somewhat original members, actually left when things started to go south. The owner of CADOJRP required every player to install a super invasive anticheat executable in order to play on the server. What can you contribute to BCDOJRP? Why should we pick you over another applicant? * I can contribute my experience as a former administrator, vehicle texture creator, a leader and problem solver. I believe I possess the skills and qualifications that not only meet the requirements for this position, but far exceed them. You will not be disappointed. How long have you been roleplaying? This includes games other than FiveM. Why do you like to roleplay? Explain in detail. * I have been roleplaying in FiveM since late 2017, and in Arma 3 since early 2016. I like to roleplay because it allows me the freedom to do things I couldn't do or would otherwise be prohibited from doing in real life. If someone was exploding cars, what would their punishment be? Explain in detail. * If it was intentional, warning, then kick. Escalation from kicks to bans as needed per protocol. If it wasn't intentional, no cause for warning, as long as it is obvious it was not intentional. The key would be if the exploding was done to deliberately cause disruption or not. If after pulling aside the person I figure out it was, the punishment would be a more serious warning than someone who did it accidentally or who's client bugged out. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt when I feel I can, but the one thing I don't tolerate is people trying to play staff or other members of the community as fools. If someone was threatening members with a DDOS Attack or other form of "Hacking," what would their punishment be? Explain in detail. * If I heard it myself, I would warn once, then kick. If I heard it from a player, I would follow the person in question. If found doing such act, same consequence. Escalation from kicks to bans as needed per protocol. If someone was threatening another player, but insisted it was part of a roleplay, what would you do? The victim is insisting they are being harassed. Explain in detail. * I would give one warning to the alleged harasser, then kick the harasser if further complaints surface from the same or different members. I would also ask for video/audio/photo evidence if any exists. Escalation from kicks to bans as needed per protocol. Do you agree to not talk about your application to staff members OR civilians? * (yes or no) Yes Do you agree not to ask ANYONE to view your application? * (yes or no) Yes Do you agree that any internal conversions between the Staff Team must not leave staff-only voice channels, and is strictly prohibited to be recorded? * (yes or no) Yes Do you acknowledge that changing your discord or forum name during the application process can effect its outcome? (If we can't find you, we cant promote you!) * (yes or no) Yes If you ask about your application it will be denied and you can be banned from the server. Do you understand? * (yes or no) Yes

Alex North | KillMast

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