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Brian O'Conner
Jun 13, 2019
In Ban Appeal Application
1. What was your steam name at the time of ban? (Brian O'Conner) 2. What does the ban message read? (cant remember 3. What do you think happened to get you banned? (i got really heated at staff and was being rude and an asshole. i also said f... bcpd in chat out of anger. I apologize for my actions and hope for one last chance ) 4. Did you do what this staff member banned you for? (Yes) 5. Why do you deserve to be unbanned? (BCDOJRP was like a second home i had lots of friends and miss it so much i was on this server 3 months but it seems longer and i realy want to come back Im a good player i just get heated really easy and am not very good at expressing my feelings but i am working on it. what i did was childish and wrong and am sorry for what i did i want to start fresh this server is awesome and i enjoyed playing on it I just didn't agree with what was happening with the gang unit i did not think it was fair and i should of went to staff instead of raging I apologize again for my actions please one more chance is all im asking i am also willing to apologize to the people i disrespected cause they did not deserve that at all. Thank you for your time. 6. Do you promise everything on this form is true? (yes

Brian O'Conner

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