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Chris Johnson
Jun 13, 2019
In FAA Application
What is your discord? Name ([2L-137] Johnson#3934 What is your Steam Community Page Link? ( ) * If you use a plane that is NOT assigned, you will get your FAA Certification taken away IMMEDIATELY. Do you understand? * * (yes i understand that If i use a plane that is not assigned that i will get my FAA Certification taken away IMMEDIATELY) How much experience do you have flying aircraft? (On GTA 5 Online, or being certified on another server. If you were on another server, please list them.) (Honestly like 1 or 2 hours total of flying just practice getting permission from server admins, but i have hours as a co pilot too !! ) What is the need for you to fly? * (To enjoy the view of anywhere i am allowed to fly and to hopefully become good enough to serve the police force as an air unit) What do you know about Aviation?, and monitoring aircraft? * ( I would say that i know a fair amount of aviation knowledge and information to keep mysale and any other passengers safe) Do you understand this is STRICTLY to 1-2 aircraft? * * (yes) If you spam/abuse/FRP with aircraft, your FAA Perms will be immediately taken away and you will be black-listed from applying again. Do you understand? (This doesn't include them riding in the plane with you.) * * (yes i do understand ) You may NOT spawn aircraft for a friend of yours or anyone else. This will get both of you blacklisted from applying. Do you understand this? * * (yes) Are You Applying For Commercial, Or Private Pilot License? * (Commercial and Helicopter) Do you understand that if you ask about your FAA application it will be denied * (yes i do understand and hope to hear an answer from someone soon !!!)

Chris Johnson

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