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Making your experience better



What Makes BCDOJRP Unique?


• A unique Framework no other server has!


• Our Staff Team is full of understanding and great people who truly care to see our community grow and have fun!


• Discord integrated permissions as well as multiple roles and departments to become a part of!


• Active Giveaways, including many donation perks!


• Our server varies based upon the day and the amount of players on depends on the slots of our server ranging from 64-128 players!


• Dedicated developers that know how to develop the most amazing and unique server experience ever!


• Custom in-game MDT which also includes a custom in-game CAD for disptachers!


• We have a full media team with twitch streamers and YouTubers creating content for us everyday!​​

• Our Support team is extremely professional and on top of their department to make sure any support that is needed is met with fantastic help and solutions!

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